Culture Beat

Culture Beat's claim to fame is closely connected with the history of German dance music. As early as 1989 the band caused a considerable stir in the German and UK charts with Erdbeermund (Cherry Lips). Further hits such as I like you and Tell me that you wait from the Horizon album followed.


Then, in 1993, Serenity was released and Culture Beat won more or less every available dance and music prize that was up for grabs in Germany that year. Among other trophies, Torsten Fenslau was awarded the 1993 Echo prize, the highest German music industry award, for "Producer of the Year" and Culture Beat the 1993 Echo for "Most Successful German Album Abroad".

 The single Mr. Vain reached the no.1 spot in 12 different countries, including 9 weeks in Germany and 4 weeks in the UK, also reaching the Top 20 in the US Billboard Charts. In all, 4.5 million singles were sold worldwide and the album achieved sales exceeding 1.5 million.

 How often have we all danced to tracks like Mr. Vain, Anything or Got to get it by Culture Beat?


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