Gibson Brothers


Born on the island Martinique and for many years living in Paris, The Gibson Brothers started their career in 1976.

1976 Their first single Come to America became a European success and number 1 in France and Italy.

1977 They composed Non stop dance which became a number 1 hit in Belgium, Holland and Northern Europe with 1 million copies sold. Enough for concerts and touring through whole Europe.

1980 Their first worldwide hit Cuba delivered them 14 golden records and was a number 1 hit in 16 countries, a number 9 hit in the American Bill board and more than 5 million copies were sold. At that time the Gibson Brothers were the first French group to enter the charts in America and England at the same time.

1981 Ooh what a life number 1 in England, Marianna Top 10 in Spain, Germany and England.

1983 Their biggest hit: Que sera mi vida (If You Should Go) sold over 5 million copies.

1984 Again a golden record in France for more than 500,000 copies sold for My heart’s beating wild.

1985 Slowly the brothers started with record production. The first result was T’as le look coco with Laroche Valmont.

1987 “Group of the Year” in England after the release of their album Emily.

1990  The single Let’s all Dance with David Christie became a hit in Belgium.

1996  Again a hit in Belgium with their newest single Fire

1997   Ten years after their last album Emily a follow-up worldwide with a brand new album called Move on up.

 After touring all over the world during the past 30 years, everybody still recognises the typical Disco/Salsa style from The Gibson Brothers.



Hits of Gibson Brothers:

* Que sera mi vida

* Cuba

* Marianna

* Latin America

* Ooh what a life

* Non stop dance


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