Haddaway (real name: Nestor Alexander Haddaway) was born on Tobago in 1966, but grew up in the USA. He was very shy and stuttered during his childhood. He was a fan of the Beatles, Police and Prince, he learned how to sing, dance, and to play the trumpet and guitar, before relocating to Cologne, Germany in 1987, to find employment as a singer and dancer.

He has a college degree in marketing, his own business career (he is a stylist and choreograph), has his own fashion company (Energy) and until 1994 was completely self-managed. He formed a band, Elegato, with keyboard player Alex Trime, before embarking on solo work with the production duo of Dee Dee Halligan and Junior Turello in 1992. Halligan and Turello are also known as Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann respectively, and jointly head the Coconut record label. They had previously produced Bad Boys Blue, Chypnotic and The Hollies.

 Haddaway scored a huge crossover hit throughout Europe with What is love in 1993. What is love, originally written as a ballad, eventually reached no. 2 in the UK charts in April 1993, as well as no. 2 in Israel, no. 11 in the US, no. 1 in Europe, and no. 1 at MTV Europe. Life also earned good chart position a few months later, ensuring Haddaway's status as Europe's most successful solo artist of 1993. It stayed no. 1 for 2 weeks in Israel, reached no. 6 in UK, no. 33 in the US, no. 1 in Europe, and no. 1 at MTV Europe.

Haddaway has continued to release albums and uphold his solid performance reputation.


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