Imagination feat.Leee John


Since their formation in 1981, Imagination have achieved a position of longevity and high profile in the fast changing and often fickle world of popular music. Born in the U.K. Leee John was raised in North London and New York, whilst Ashley Ingram was born in Northampton and brought up on a strict diet of Jamaican food and Gospel Music. Meeting with Leee John at various auditions culminated with them working together and forming Imagination.

The multi-talented Leee John has not only spent the last ten years as lead vocalist and showman for Imagination but has managed to incorporate his own T.V. chat show, Leee's Place, he hosted the World Disco Dance Championships and appeared in the cult T.V. show Dr. Who. Leee is in great demand, not only for his skills in front of the camera but also as a songwriter and producer.

 Imagination was so named as a tribute to John Lennon and Imagine. Released in May 1981, the single Body talk was the start of a success story that has few parallels. In and out of love, Flashback, Just an illusion (a Diamond Award winner for 1.000.000 copies sold) and Music and lights secured the group further Top Ten Hits, whilst their debut album spent 51 weeks on the U.K. album chart. Their first sell-out European tour, including 22 shows in Britain during the autumn of 1982, coincided with the single and album In the heat of the night. Success followed success during 1983 when their Night Dubbing album became their third to accrue Gold status. Further chart singles including Changes, Looking at midnight, In the heat of the night and New Dimension followed in 1983/84.

 By the middle of 1984, with a fourth album Scandalous under their belts, Imagination played to Royalty at the Princes' Trust Royal Albert Hall Show. 1985 saw the band again touring the U.K., Europe and Far East, dates that led in 1986 to the bands Fifth Anniversary. An event that was celebrated in style by the capacity show at The Royal Albert Hall on May 15th and coincided with a Top 20 single Thank you my love. Imagination signed to RCA in 1987 and wrote and recorded the album Closer in America with producers Arthur Baker, Preston Glass, Nick Martinelli, Ron Kersey and Robert Kraft. During 1988, Imagination spent considerable time in America both performing and appearing on T.V. and Radio and during that summer achieved the Number 1 spot in the Billboard Dance Charts with a smash single Instinctual from the Closer album.

 Today still, the musicians of Imagination radiate vividness and credibility while continuing to entice audiences around the world with their powerful stage performance.

Hits of Imagination:
* Just an illusion
* Body talk
* Music and lights
* Changes
* In the heat of the night
* New dimensions


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