Katrina Leskanich

Katrina has one of the finest and most powerful voices in the music business and she has an established profile across Europe. Fronting The Waves with that quintessential summer hit Walking on sunshine, Katrina became known in every country across the globe. Walking on shunshine has recently been used in a massive US TV advertising campaign and is still played frequently on every radio station in the world. It was also featured in two hit movies of 2000: High Fidelity and American Psycho.

Katrina stormed to success with the biggest ever Eurovision victory by performing Love shine a light to a worldwide audience of 300 million (BBC figures).

The Waves have parted and Katrina is doing a solo career with a totally fresh feel and a different direction. Her debut song In our hearts was released in May 2000 on a compilation album of female artists, which also includes All Saints, The Spice Girls, Martine McCutcheon, Gabrielle and other top singers. Katrina’s first solo album was released summer/autumn 2001.

Hear her music and meet her now!

Hits of Katrina & The Waves:
* Walking on sunshine
* Love shine a light
* Is that it?
* That’s the way
* Rock ‘n Roll girl
* Honey lamb
* Red wine and whisky
* Pet the tiger

Katrina Leskanich per mail aanvragen

Of bel direct naar EUROPOP: 035-6835911 of 0653266042 of 0621578281