Loleatta Holloway


Dance Superstar - Loleatta Holloway Loleatta Holloway is certainly among the top 5 reigning divas of dance music today. Her singing career stretches back well before the era of Disco. She began her performing career as a gospel singer, but after meeting her future husband and producer, Floyd Smith, in 1971, she turned to secular music. She released her first single in 1971 followed by an album in 1973. She had a few R&B hits and switched to Goldmind Records, distriuted by Salsoul, in 1976. In the late 1970's, Loleatta had several R&B and dance hits for Salsoul including Dreamin', Worn Out Broken Heart, and Catch Me on the Rebound. In late 1979, Loleatta contributed the lead vocal to Dan Hartman's Relight My Fire and her reputation as a dance diva was cemented. Dan Hartman produced Loleatta's Love Sensation which was a dance floor sensation topping the charts in the fall of 1980. Loleatta teamed up with the Salsoul Orchestra in 1982 and released Seconds, another dance classic. The mid-1980's were a difficult time. Loleatta's husband, Floyd Smith, passed away and Salsoul closed up shop. In the late '80's and early

'90's, Loleatta's recordings were among those most often sampled in new dance recordings. She was the female lead on Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch's Good Vibrations in 1991. Loleatta continues to record widely, mostly dance singles instead of full- length albums. In the spring of 1998, her collaboration with Fire Island, a trio of production whizzes, Shout to the Top, topped the Dance charts. Loleatta remains one of the most distinctive and awe-inspiring vocalists in dance music.

 "Today she has enjoyed another Nr.1 Dance & Club single with the re-release and remixing of her old hit "DREAMIN'" in November 2000 and the subsequent Thunderpuss 2000 reworking of her early 90's BLACK BOX smash, "RIDE ON TIME" (also in the Fall of 2000). She still remains in a class by herself amongst the disco divas, as she is the only one of them to have enjoyed chart succes in the 60's, 70's, 80's 90' and now into the 2000's... she is the quintessential Disco Diva and one of the hardest working women in Dance Music!




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