London Beat


The chart topping Londonbeat had a string of hits including You bring on the sun and I’ve been thinking about you, which went to #1 in twenty-seven countries across Europe, America, Canada, Australia ,.... A global success story! In addition to his musical talents and successes, Jimmy Helms is a prolific writer, he has completed two manuscripts for novels and is now working on a concept for an animated feature, which will reveal another facet of his creative aspirations.

In their years as a partnership, Jimmy and Charles have written enough songs to complete two or three albums. There's a waiting list of mega artists, all anxious to have Jimmy and Charles write and produce their next hit. But Jimmy and Charles have saved their very best for their own stunning album, now in production with the famous Danish producers Jam & Delgado, who brought Scandinavian pop music to world domination with Aqua's globally massive Barbie Girl.

When Londonbeat disbanded, lead singer Jimmy Helms rang Charles Pierre and New Londonbeat rose from the ashes. Charles Pierre had worked behind the scenes as record co-producer and programmer on many of Londonbeat's successful recordings. Charles has recorded M-People and toured with Babyface, the American R&B musical giant.

New Londonbeat's newest member, Tony Blaize, was born and raised in Liverpool - That's right! Home of The Beatles. Tony began singing at an early age. Growing up, his biggest musical influences were Lou Rawls, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye. Starting out with his brothers in the early seventies ,they did TV and theatres including The London Palladium and Royal Theatre, two of England's most prestigious venues. Tony went on to front many bands in and around Liverpool throughout the 80s and 90s, before recently joining New Londonbeat.

Listen out for the new, re-recorded, re-mixed version of I’ve been thinking about you, the new follow-up single titled Between your eyes, and the album to follow, all co-written and produced with Denmark's own golden boys - Jam & Delgado.

Hits of Londonbeat:
* I’ve been thinking about you

* You bring on the sun
* A better love
* Build it with love

* Lover you send me colours
* That’s how I feel about you
* Come back


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