Mungo Jerry


Formed in 1969 by Ray Dorset, MUNGO JERRY started out as a Jug band and has known a massive international success in the pop field. The band's first major appearance was in 1970 during the HOLLYWOOD FESTIVAL, at Newcastle-under-Lyme alongside: Jose Feliciano, Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Free, Ginger Baker's Airforce, among others. The phenomenal reaction to their stage shows prompted the release of "IN THE SUMMERTIME". At the heart of the MUNGO JERRY story stands the leader and soul of the band, a songwriter as well as a great singer and performer: RAY DORSET.

Ray's career began at the age of 11 when he created with Phil Collins, his first band "Blue Moon Skiffle Group". At 14 Ray became Jackie Edwards' guitarist and backing vocalist. In 1969 Ray decided with Colin Earl, Paul King and Mike Cole to form a band: Good Earth was born. One year later the band changed it's name to MUNGO JERRY - with the change of name came success.

Apart from his career with MUNGO JERRY, Ray Dorset has been successful as a songwriter for other artists. In 1980 his song "FEELS LIKE I'M IN LOVE" sung by Kelly Marie became a No. 1 hit. He has also written music for TV series and videos. In 1992 a book, "Beyond The Summertime" was published telling the Ray Dorset story, and in 1993 he produced a film that highlights the life of a band on the road.

Today Ray Dorset is one of the select British songwriters who has had 3 UK No. 1's and can celebrate nearly 30 years as an international hit-maker. Along with Elton John, Ray is the only British artist to have the same single No. 1 in the USA twice. He was honored at the Berlin Hard Rock Café and has been included in their hall of fame following a successful celebration evening where he entertained many German celebrities and fans. Shaggy has covered the song for the Flipper movie, which resulted in a second US No. 1 for this classic track.

Ray Dorset as MUNGO JERRY is currently mixing tracks for the bands forthcoming album, provisionally entitled "CANDY DREAMS".

 Hits form MUNGO JERRY:

 * IN THE SUMMERTIME 25 Weeks in Charts - Nr. 1!!!

* BABY JUMP 14 Weeks in Charts - Nr. 1!!!

* LADY ROSE 17 Weeks in Charts - Nr. 3

* ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT 13 Weeks in Charts - Nr. 3

* OPEN UP 9 Weeks in Charts - Nr. 15

* WILD LOVE 8 Weeks in Charts - Nr. 28




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