Patrick Hernandez


 Patrick Hernandez, with a Spanish father and an Australian-Italian mother, was born in Paris. Like most singers/artists of his time Patrick started off by playing in bands, touring the provincial ballrooms and dance halls in South-west France. It was during this period that he met his partner, Herve Tholance. During their many outings and escapades they came across many future famous artists like Francis Cabrel, Laurent Voulzy, the group Gold to name but a few.

In 1978 Patrick was contacted by his future promoter and spent over a year in Belgium working on the legendary Born to be alive which came into production in November '78. Italy gave Patrick his first Golden Disc in January ‘79 and thanks to the free radio and disco phenomena the Patrick Hernandez success story began. In the same year Patrick Hernandez was awarded over 50 golden and platinum discs from 52 countries. He remained at number 1 in the French hit charts from April '79 to end of July '79. At this time he was awarded a "Certified Gold Disc" for selling more than one million discs in the USA and Patrick Hernandez was the first ever French singer/songwriter to receive this award.

In February 1980 the American Magazine, based in LA,” Billboard” awarded Patrick a trophy on which was inscribed: "To Patrick Hernandez for transcending his rock roots by making Born to be alive a disco hit. Since 1988, Born to be alive, under its various forms and compilations, sells globally each year more than 800.000 titles.

 To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this legendary track a "Best of Patrick Hernandez" will be released which will include, as well as the original soundtrack of Born to be alive, an American remix (never released in Europe), a dance remix and an unbelievable variety of rock and pop tracks. The "Best of" will include five never released tracks, like Get ready Children of circumstance, Ballerinca etc., where once again Patrick Hernandez transcends his rock roots to create musical legends, but this time with a modern dance flavor.

Hits of Patrick Hernandez:
* Born to be alive
* Born to be alive (Remix)
* Back to Boogie
* Get Ready


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