After having scored 10 consecutive Top 40 hits, it was time to release a Greatest Hits collection. The latest album release from Rednex is “The Best of The West”. It includes the 4 million-sellers “Cotton Eye Joe”, “Old Pop In An Oak”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Spirit Of The Hawk”, the other 6 singles and a bunch of new tracks. Since the first release in 1994, Rednex is the artist that has spent most weeks at No.1 on the German Single Chart since 1980, with a total of 25 weeks (Modern Talking being No.2 with 19 weeks).

What once originated as a playful fluke in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992, is today a big, but loosely run international creative team of producers, writers, performers, art designers, programmers, animators etc. with a unique way of working and collecting ideas into an entertainment group with an copious interest in the Wild West. The performers of this playhouse are from two different countries (Sweden, The Netherlands) and they have chosen Stockholm as their homebase.

Mary Joe (female vocals), Dagger (male vocals), Snake (vocals + guitar) and Ace (violin + guitar) have all been previously involved with record-releasing projects and touring as entertainers. They are the 5th set of performers in Rednex since the start, 10 years ago, which now makes a total of 11 performers in total.


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