Sister Sledge


While musical history has recorded a lengthy list of performing family groups, there are but a handful who have truly transcended the genre - who are simply great musical units, regardless of their formal kinship. Four gifted young women who also happen to be real life sisters, Sister Sledge has clearly joined this elite club of performers. The dedication and strength of family has had a crucial influence on the girl's success, supporting the hard work, positive action and love that have gone into the creation of their music. With the encouragement of mother Flo (a successful entertainer in her own right), the Sledge sisters began singing at an early age at the Williams Tempe C.M.E. church in their hometown of Philadelphia. Grandmother Viola Williams (a former opera singer) had the girls performing at charities, civic and political affairs and other philanthropic events under the name "Mrs. William's Grandchildren."

Since the 1979 release of their breakthrough album We Are Family, this remarkable group has continued to develop and expand their diverse talents, blossoming into multi-faced artists who have received over one hundred awards and commendations for outstanding work in the entertainment field. Highlights include Billboard Artist of the Year, Tokyo Music Festival Silver Award, and Two (2) Grammy Nominations for Best R&B Duo or Group and Record of the Year.

SISTER SLEDGE became established as one of the world's most successful female groups, setting off a series of events which made the group virtually a household name. We Are Family became a worldwide family anthem and was adopted by the Pittsburgh Pirates as the team theme. That year, the Pirates claimed victory over the Baltimore Orioles, winning the World Series. Ultimately the album soared past the RIAA Platinum mark, hitting the very top of both Pop and R&B charts.

In the 80's, the world witnessed the full flowering of four college graduates with subsequent hits, Lost in Music, Love Somebody Today, Reach Your Peak and the international Gold Record, Frankie.

In the following years they sold millions of records worldwide and traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, Australia and the United States, earning rave reviews. "Sister Sledge has the stuff legends are made of," stated one critic from the Chicago Tribune.

Sister Sledge in the 90's has captured the hearts of many diverse audiences; from Carnegie Hall in New York, to the Sun Plaza in Tokyo....from the Apollo Theater in Harlem, to hosting their own television show in Italy. Their newest release, And Now Sister Sledge Again features the singles World Rise and Shine and Walking in the Light which were among their top five (5) hits in Italy.

The magnificent blending of great voices, the continuing development of multi-talented performers, the commitment to musical perfection and the ability to charm and captivate a vast audience--is the Sister Sledge prescription for lasting success.

 Hits of Sister Sledge:

* Frankie

* All American girls

* He’s just a runaway
* We are family
* Lost in music

* He’s the greatest dancer
 and many more...


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