There's no question that there was about as much pop as soul in the Supremes' hits, that even some of their biggest hits could sound formulaic, and that they were probably the black performers who were most successful at infiltrating the tastes and televisions of middle America. This shouldn't diminish either their extraordinary achievements or their fine music, the best of which renders the pop vs. soul question moot with its excellence.

Although always a trio, The Supremes had eight members. Each of the ladies contributed to the group’s unequalled record success of 20 million selling singles and dozens of hit albums. Scherrie & Lynda’s group are the only trio performing and recording today authentically featuring genuine members of The Supremes. Since re-forming in 1985 they continue to develop their impressive biography with credited recordings and polished performances around the globe, appearing at venues that have included London’s Royal Albert Hall for H.R.H. Diana, Princess of Wales, Wembley Arena where they shared the stage with other legendary Motown acts including The Four Tops and

The Temptations.

1997 saw the "Legendary ladies of Soul" tour that also featured The Three Degrees and Sister Sledge. Motown invited Scherrie & Lynda’s group to represent The Supremes for the TV Special "What’s going on" aired around the world. Acclaimed Motown biographer Sharon Davis of Blues & Soul magazine stated: "This trio authentically keeps the Supremes legend alive....."
The Supremes remain undisputed as the most successful girl group of all time..

Hits of The Supremes:

* Stop! In the name of love
* Baby Love
* Love Child
* Where did our love go
* Thank you darling
* Nathan Jones
* Up the ladder to the roof


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