Technotronic - The beat and the look that conquered virtually every Hit List throughout the world, and shook the international dance community to its foundations. Technotronic was the restless offspring of innovative Belgian producer Jo Bogaert (a.k.a. Thomas De Quincy). He expertly devised the now all too familiar sound of Technotronic in his humble attic studio about 20 miles north west of Brussels. He had already made his mark on the "Eurobeat" with various high-profile dance concepts such as "Nux Nemo" and "Acts of mad-men". As the first devastating bars of "Pump Up The Jam" permeated through the air-waves and night-clubs, lesser mortals instantly realised - here was something new, exciting and floating high above competitors. Technotronic had arrived, and pretty soon, they would have a domino effect on the worlds charts as their assault gathered momentum.

The first public face of Technotronic was a "blue lipped" pouting temptress known as Felly, a renowned fashion-model. It wasn't until the second earth shattering single "Get up" that the public saw and heard Manuela Kamosi, or Ya Kid K, for the first time. She had already performed the original vocal on "Pump up the Jam" and now finally the world could bear witness to her strutting amblent deliverance of "Get Up".

After the monumental success of "Pump up the Jam" the path was now clear and "Get up" achieved all expectation. Technotronic's debute had netted over 3,5 million in world sales, the follow up grossed another 1,9 million de finite proof that Technotronic were not "one hit wonders". Their sound was and still is a force to be reckoned with. The stage was not firmly set for their first album release "Pump up the Jam". Pretty soon the album had notched up over 4 million world sales.

By the end of 1990 "Pump Up The Jam" had reached pole position in the "Billboard 12" singles dance chart. The last significant chart success was in 1992 when "Move That Body" peaked at No:5 in the U.S. Billboard charts. Up until now Technotronic have retailed more than 14 million albums. Then, Technotronic was back in a new style. Producers Jo Bogaert (Thomas De Quincey) and Patrick De Meyer teamed up with Phil Wilde and Peter Bauwens. These two producers are world-famous for their huge success with CB Milton and 2 Unlimited (sold more than 10 million copies worldwide). The result of this combination is unbelievable,"Move It To The Rhythm".

After a long silence Technotronic returned in 1997 with the release of a single called "Get Up'97". Which was a remix of their previous hit with the same name. Also released in 1997 was the track "Crazy" featuring Black Diamond. So in 1998 Technotronic was back as a feature artist on D.O.N.S. remix of "Pump Up The Jam".They also released a '98 version of "Get Up" in the fall of 1998. Technotronic released an album in November 1998 called "Pump Up The Hits".

In the year of 2000 Technotronic released: Like This/Get Up Da 2000 Sequel, The G-Train (featuring Monday Midnite) and Like This (featuring Monday Midnite).

Technotronic released the single called "The Mariachi" feat. Ya Kid K in Belgium on June 26th 2000.

Technotronic released a new single in May 2001 called "Runaway Blues".

In 2002 Technotronic released a single called "The Circle Unbroken".


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